New Oticon Alta & Alta Pro Hearing Aid

Oticon AltaEveryone experiences hearing loss in their own, individual way. Uncovering your preferences and needs is essential to us being able to provide you with the very best hearing loss solution.

Oticon have newly released the Alta & Alta pro hearing aid. This new technology sets a cutting-edge standard in hearing devices. Aiming to raise the level of satisfaction for you as the listener, the Alta & Alta Pro feature the latest innovations in sound quality, better speech understanding and reduced effort when needing to listen in noisy situations.

Alta & Alta Pro are Oticon’s finest hearing aids ever. Unique to these new hearing aids is the ability for your Audiologist to make better and more precise matches when programming your hearing aids to your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

Customized just for you.

We know that the way you hear and perceive sound can be very different from the next person. Alta & Alta Pro allow us to work with this difference to build a clearer picture of the sounds you prefer and combine that with more advanced personalisation features across more situations. These advanced features aim to let you listen to life the way you prefer.

Some of the new features include:

speech guard in oticon altaSpeech Guard E

The speech guard technology inside Oticon hearing aids has been around for a little while now. Featured inside the new Alta & Alta Pro hearing devices is Speech Guard E. The “E” stands for elevated performance. Speech Guard E helps you better understand the speech of the person you are talking too, in environments where the noise of other people would  make it very difficult and hard to understand. Oticon has developed this technology to rapidly reduce the effort required by you to listen and understand speech. This means you can engage in conversations, be more active in group situations and switch between speakers with less effort and exhaustion.

For a detailed look at exactly how Speech Guard E works take a look at the following demonstration by clicking the link below and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Speech Guard Demonstration

spatial sound in oticon altaSpatial Sound – Only available in Alta Pro. 

Spatial Sound is designed to give you a greater awareness of where sound is coming from. If you were sitting in a meeting you would hear the person speaking, people typing, computers whirring, the sound of the air-conditioner, birds outside and other people as they join the conversation. Naturally your ears and brain hear all these sounds and use spatial awareness to enable you to focus on processing and hearing the voice of the person you want to hear. This is important if you want to listen and understand what you need to hear.

Hearing loss can make it difficult to drown out the competing sounds and focus in on the one sound you want to hear. Hearing aids add amplification and can aid in restoring some of this lost information. Spatial Sound has been designed to recognize when you need help and help you when you have difficulty in certain listening situations.

directionality in oticon altaFree Focus Directionality.

Alta & Alta Pro feature Oticon’s most advanced sound directional system. This technology provides five different surround and directionality modes, based on diverse layers of analysis and processing in order to improve your understanding of speech in noise.


Free focus directionality analyses:

  • noise pitch
  • noise level
  • noise direction
  • surrounding sounds.
Using this information free focus directionality works to benefit you by focusing on what is important.


Inium wireless in oticon altaInium feedback shield.
Feedback shield prevents that high pitch sound that can sometimes come from a hearing aid when the gain is increased to provide you with greater amplification. The new inium platform combines three types of advanced signal processing to control and limit feedback. These include:
  • Phase inversion to cancel feedback.
  • Frequency shifting –  the feedback sound signal is shifted by 10 Hz to break the feedback path.
  • Gain control to avoid feedback conditions.



The Oticon Alta & Alta Pro are available in many different shapes and sizes, from behind the ear styles through to new mini sized devices which sit very discreetly inside your ear canal.

Both the Alta & Alta Pro hearing devices are featured in our premium range. They cost between $3700.00 – $4500.00 per device.


extras in oticon altaConnectivity & Extras.

Both the Alta & Alta Pro allow you the option of full Bluetooth connectivity between your hearing aids and other communication and listening devices like your telephone, mobile, TV, music player and other communication devices.


The Oticon Alta & Alta Pro have also been awarded an IP57 level classification for water and dust resistance. They feature several seals that have been put in place to prevent damage from water and dust, as well as a nano-coating to repel water.

For more information on the technology featured in these new premium devices visit: Oticon Alta For a brochure click here: Alta Brochure

If you would like to book a complimentary hearing aid consultation with our Audiologist and trial these new hearing aids in the clinic please contact us on (08) 9330 7005.